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  Simply Ono   

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We customize your menu according to your budget and preferences.
Below is a sample of set menus that you can choose from.

Menu #1 - $13.50 per person plus tax

Okinawan Shoyu Pork or Roast Pork with Gravy

Roasted Garlic Chicken

Furikake Crusted Fresh Island Fish

Steamed White Rice or Brown Rice (.50 more)

Seasonal Toss Greens w/ Dressing of your choice or House Dressing

Macaroni Salad

Menu #2  - $13.00 per person plus tax

Kalua Pig

Chicken Long Rice

Shoyu Chicken

Lomilomi Salmon

Steamed White Rice

Macaroni Salad or Tossed Green Salad with Dressing



Menu #3 - $12.50 per person plus tax

Pork Adobo


Pork or Chicken Gisantes

Steamed White Rice

Tossed Salad

Macaroni Salad

Bodbod or Banana Lumpia

Menu #4 - $21.00 per person plus tax

Prime Rib
Au Jus and Horseradish 

Herb Roasted Chicken

Broiled Fresh Fish with Ponzu Sauce

Seasonal Tossed Greens with House Dressing

Macaroni Salad

Steamed White Rice


Salads, Soups & Starch:

$1.50   Steamed White Rice

$1.75   Garlic Rice

$1.75    Brown Rice

$2.75    Quinoa

$2.50    Stir Fried Noodles

$1.50    Toss Salad

$1.75    Three bean salad

$1.50    Macaroni Salad

$2.00    Pasta Salad

$2.50    Caesar Salad (w/ Chicken $3.50)

$3.00    Panzanella Salad - Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Bell Pepper, Onions, Olives  
                and Croutons

$3.00   Chop Salad - Cheese, Ham or Turkey, Olives, Onions, Tomatoes

$3.50    Soups (8 oz. portions - choose from Corn Chowder, Portuguese Bean Soup
                or Cream of Tomato Soup

Catch of the Day: (Pending Availability & Market Price)

             Furikake Crusted Fresh Island Fish 

             Broiled Fresh Fish (pending availability)

             Fish Katsu w/ Katsu Sauce or Tartar Sauce

             Sauteed Fresh Island Fish w/ Ponzu or Tartar Sauce
             Sauteed Fresh Island Fish Lemon Butter Caper Sauce

             Sauteed Fresh Island Fish w/ Ginger Scallion

             Sauteed Fresh Island Fish w/ Tomato Basil Relish

             Sauteed Garlic Fresh Island Fish

             Spicy Ahi Poke

             Seared Ahi w/ Sesame Wasabi Shoyu Sauce

Chicken: (Minimum order of 10) (price per person)

$3.00    Herb Roasted Chicken

$3.50   Fried Chicken

$3.00    Miso Chicken

$3.00    Shoyu Chicken

$3.00   Roasted Garlic Chicken

$3.00    Chicken Adobo

$3.00    Ginger Chicken

$3.00    Mochiko Chicken

$3.50    Chicken Katsu

Pork:      (price per person)

$3.50    Roast Pork w/ Gravy

$3.50    Okinawan Shoyu Pork

$3.50    Pork Adobo

$3.50    Kalua Pig

$3.50    Kalua Pig & Cabbage

Beef:     (price per person)

$5.00    Beef Stroganoff over Pasta

$5.00    Beef Bourgignonne over Pasta

$9.00    Roast Strip Loin Au Jus and Horseradish

$10.00  Roast Prime Rib Au Jus & Horseradish

$15.00  Beef Wellington with Truffle Essence Jus 


$3.00    BBQ Pulled Pork

$3.00    Kalua Pig Sliders

$3.00    Okinawan Shoyu Pork

$3.00    Roast B
eef Au Jus and Horseradish


$3.00    Warm Bread Pudding w/ Creamy Vanilla Sauce

$2.50    Bodbod (Filipino Mochi Rice)

$1.00    Haupia

30% deposit required.  Deposit will not be refunded for cancellations.

Delivery based on availability and $300.00 minimum order

All orders are subject to sales tax and credit card payments are subject to 3% 

Menu items are based on availability especially fish and seafood. (Inquire on the seafood items)

Menu & prices subject to change without notice